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Survival Update

We’ve added some new features to Survival to give you a better overall playing experience. One of the biggest changes is the addition of the Dice Furniture plugin. There are over 20 pieces of interactive furniture that can be built and used on the server. Here is a complete list with recipes of the furniture that is available https://dicecraft.de/furniture/ . Some of the furniture pieces might not work yet, as this is a new plugin for all of us and we’re still learning how to use it as well.

We’ve also added particle hats for 8 packs and above. These are particles that can be worn as a hat but will appear at different locations based on the type of shape that they form. Here is a complete list of all the particles available https://github.com/MediusEcho/ParticleHatsWiki/wiki/Types

Added to /buy are /setwarp and /skull. /setwarp will be available to use on Survival and Creative and will have a one week cooldown. /skull will be available on Survival, Creative, and Skyblock, when it re-releases. On Creative, it will have a 2 hour cooldown. On Survival and Skyblock, they will have a 1 day cooldown. They will be available to use through /buy for $10 each.

Want to be rewarded for playing daily? That’s right, we’re bringing in Daily Loot Boxes. Earn different items just for playing each day.

You’ve been asking for more crazy stuff, so we’re introducing the Crazy Crate! It will contain all the Crazy tools, armor, and some special items that you’ve been asking for all year long. Otherwise, you’ll get a...
It’s so nice to have sunshine in my world again! March is here and with it are some wonderful perks for you to enjoy, as well as some much needed updates across the server.


EVENT - With March comes Spring and all the things that grow. So why not grow your McMMO levels! All month long, enjoy 2x McMMO XP! Level up faster than ever. But you better hurry before April Fool’s Day gets you!

SERVER UPDATE – You will notice that the word noob is slowly disappearing from chat. It will take a bit before the update is complete, but you will see noob’s are now know as Lead (like as in pencil lead). They will still carry the same gray format in the chat, just the name will change. Pex will take a bit to update, as we are currently rewriting the entire pex, which will include some new perks for the Ranks. Stay tuned for what changes are coming!

Crates are also being updated with new items! Yes, we have heard the cry about diamonds, so they will be gone with the update! Some things will be lowered in count, so be aware of that when you go to claim your keys. We are introducing a new line of Crazy Armor and Tools to the rare crate. 12 new custom pieces, but you can only get one per month! We’ve even included a Bow and a Sword. Watch for these new pieces in the next week or two. We’re also adding a new crate to the mix, the Crazy Crate. You will only be able to get a key to the Crazy Crate through the Rare Crate. The Crazy Crate will have all 12 of the custom Crazy Tools and Armor. We’re still debating on if we’ll sell a Crazy key or not and what that would look like if we did have it in /buy. We’ll keep you posted on how that changes in the next few weeks!...
Hi all! Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes last month. I truly enjoyed being able to spend time withyou on the server and hope you've enjoyed being there as well. We have some big plans in the works for the server. As you know, KitPvP will be coming out soon. You'll see it in /glist but it will be with a lowercase k while we do the finish work on it. Once it's ready, you'll be free to join, so please be patient as we finish the last bits and pieces of that new server.

We also have some new tags that you can find in the buycraft shop. You can access them in /buy or through the shop weblink https://shop.crayonscastle.net/. If you have multiple tags, you can also access them through /tags in game. You'll also find that keys and ranks are 20% off this month.

We know that you've been ready for the end and nether to reset, and they will, however, we're going to wait until Saturday the 3rd to reset them to address an issue with the portals. The server will be whitelisted during this time so that if something does go wrong, any saved data can be restored to the current information.

With the end and nether reset looming, we have a new deal on killing the dragon for the dragon egg. Each month that the end is reset, the first dragon will be the one that naturally spawns into the end. The person who kills that dragon, will by rights get the dragon egg. HOWEVER, if you are willing to put in the effort and time, spawn the dragon in for a 2nd or 3rd time, video tape yourself killing it, and send a link to DragonYami, and she will reward you for all your hard work with a dragon egg. This is limited to the first three players EACH month. That's right each month. So even if the end doesn't reset, on the 1st of the next month, the first three players to respawn the dragon and video tape them killing it, and have sent a link to DragonYami, will...
Hello all Survival Players!

We have an exciting update today regarding Kits, Crates, and the 96 Pack Rank!


We have added the following one time kits to the Donor Crate.

Farmer Eggs Kit (10% Chance) - Cow Eggs, Chicken Eggs, Sheep Eggs, Pig Eggs, and Ocelot Eggs.

End Kit (10% Chance) - Shield, 8 Milk Buckets, 64 Stone Slabs, and 16 Ender Pearls.

Farmers Paradise Kit (3% Chance) - Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Melon Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Carrots, Potatoes, Cake, Diode, Trap Doors, and Jack o' Lanterns.

Woodland Spoils Kit (1% Chance) - Totem of Undying and Vindicator Spawn Egg.

The following changes were made to the Donor Crate:
Diamond Blocks changed from 32 to 16

The following changes were made to the Rare Crate:
Diamond Blocks changed from 64 to 32
$100,000 was added (3.5% Chance)
Added Wither Skeleton Spawners
Misc. Tool chance updating to prevent you from getting so many tools


We have added the following kits to be purchased from /shop.

/kit FunGuy (kind of like fungi... hehe get it?) - 2 day cool down

/kit IceChamp - 7 day cool down

/kit SeaLife - 7 day cool down

/kit rainbow - 7 day cool down

/kit nether - 7 day cool down...​
Seasons Greetings everyone!

The team at Crayon's Castle hopes that you and everyone you know is having a great Holiday Season!

To celebrate the upcoming Holidays, please enjoy the following sales on our server store:


That's right! Get a rank for yourself for 50% off and buy everyone on the server Crate Keys for 20% off!

This sale ends January 2nd, 2018!​
Join me over the next 12 days as we celebrate our version of Minecraft Christmas aka Craftmas! Each day, we'll add to the wonderful 12 days of Craftmas song. Join the Survival server and do /buy to claim your free presents!

On the twelfth day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 12 blocks of lapis...
On the eleventh day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 11 bones for taming...
On the tenth day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 10 vote keys...
On the ninth day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 9 blocks of redstone...
On the eighth day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 8 cows for milking...
On the seventh day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 7 eggs a'hatching...
On the sixth day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 6 diamond blocks...
On the fifth day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 5 DONOR KEYS...
On the fourth day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 4 diamond tools...
On the third day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 3 rare keys...
On the 2nd day of Craftmas, Crayon gave to me, 2 Christmas Pickaxes
And a day of random key drops!!​
Hey everyone!
So as you may or may not know, Crayon's Castle is hosting their first Discord Karaoke! And it's about Christmas!

This will take place Sunday, 17/12/2017, at 7PM EST, 12AM BST, 6PM CST, 4PM PST.

Now, as this is the first Christmas event, there are some rules:
1. All songs must be Christmas related. I mean come on, it's Christmas! Get in the spirit!
2. Please try to not troll. We don't like trolls. They smell.
3. Sign ups can be on the day or now, but you must sign up! Spamming chat will not help!
4. Be respectful!

Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/S99pRhDe2UWMIrVu2

So come and join in, and most importantly, have fun!​

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone that applied for Eraser on Crayon's Castle.
We appreciate everyone that is willing to take time out of their day to help ensure Crayon's Castle is a fun yet safe environment for everyone who plays.

Unfortunately, we can not accept every person who applies - here are those who we did accept!


Please give them a warm welcome to our staff team!
Congratulation to them and thank you again to everyone who applied!​
Join us Saturday December 2nd at noon EST for our full release of Skyblock! We have changed a few things from our Beta release that we hope you'll be excited to see.

Island distance has been increased to give you more room to build
Fly disables between islands to keep strangers out of your area
We've nerfed and buffed a variety of items in the spawn shop and in /shop
We've added more items to the shop including nether, brewing, and more decorative blocks
Revamped the shop design to allow for better flow and access to items
Added a bulk sell area in the top floor of the shop
Added new kits to buy in game using /kit
Added additional donor perks such as /hat, /nick, /afk, /workbench, /echest, and silk touching spawners

Come join. Come build. But whatever you do, don't fall off the edge.

Shopping for a new server? Tired of having to wait weeks to earn enough to get fly? This weekend only, enjoy our "Black Fly-day" weekend where you can come explore Survival and Skyblock with fly! Do as much as you can on your survival build or skyblock island before your fly runs out on Sunday at midnight EST!