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Congratulations to @Mazerkai @Christosaurus Rex and @meriketh on their selection to the staff team as Helper's! Make sure you congratulate them around the server if you see them!

<3 Crayon
Congratulations to @PMMLG, @Jakob fuller , and @Datamania on making helper for the month of October! Congratulate them as you see them around the server!
We're going to celebrate all weekend! Join us on Survival for a chance to win a rank!
Staff Apps will open Monday, October 9th at 8pm EST. Check here for more details https://goo.gl/ae1iCW

<3 Crayon
We appreciate all that have applied for staff this round. Congratulations to Redwings , 2806, and EpicBuilder on their acceptance to the staff team! We're excited to start working with you. <3 Crayon
It's that time again! Think you have what it takes to be staff on Crayon's Castle? Applications open Monday, September 11th. Read the requirements here http://crayonscastle.net/threads/staff-application-information-read-here-before-applying.88/ <3 Crayon
Interested in competing for a rank during our first build competition? Check out the requirements here! http://crayonscastle.net/threads/labor-day-build-event-requirements.117/
News New staff!
Welcome Chaoticlildoll and Rachie to staff! We had some really great candidates that applied and appreciate all the interest that we did have in joining staff. Staff apps will open each month as needed. Please feel free to apply again next time if you did not make it through this time. <3 Crayon
You've asked and we've finally answered! If you're interested, follow the link and meet all the requirements! http://crayonscastle.net/threads/requirements-for-the-build-team.61/

<3 Crayon
We're picking a song for the trailer! Vote now https://strawpoll.com/y6r3c8gp