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    The Adventure Starts Now!

    You posted your first message on the Crayon's Castle forums!

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    Great Post

    Someone gave one of your threads a like!

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    The Adventure Continues!

    You posted 50 posts to the forums! Keep going!

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    The First Hurdle... Crossed!

    You posted 100 posts to the forums! I hope that you didn't do this all in one day...

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    Keep em' Comin'

    You gained 50 likes on your forum posts! Keep the great threads coming!

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    Security Master

    You enabled 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on your forums account!

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    Happy Forums Birthday

    You have been a registered member on the Crayon's Castle forums for one year!

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    Master Achiever

    You have earned 100 achievement points on the forums!

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    Boss Defeated

    You posted 500 posts to the forums! Keep up the great work!

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    Time for a Break!

    You have posted to the forums 1,000 times! That's a great achievement!