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News March News!

Discussion in 'The Daily Herald' started by Crayonbox, Mar 1, 2018.

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    Jul 8, 2017
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    It’s so nice to have sunshine in my world again! March is here and with it are some wonderful perks for you to enjoy, as well as some much needed updates across the server.


    EVENT - With March comes Spring and all the things that grow. So why not grow your McMMO levels! All month long, enjoy 2x McMMO XP! Level up faster than ever. But you better hurry before April Fool’s Day gets you!

    SERVER UPDATE – You will notice that the word noob is slowly disappearing from chat. It will take a bit before the update is complete, but you will see noob’s are now know as Lead (like as in pencil lead). They will still carry the same gray format in the chat, just the name will change. Pex will take a bit to update, as we are currently rewriting the entire pex, which will include some new perks for the Ranks. Stay tuned for what changes are coming!

    Crates are also being updated with new items! Yes, we have heard the cry about diamonds, so they will be gone with the update! Some things will be lowered in count, so be aware of that when you go to claim your keys. We are introducing a new line of Crazy Armor and Tools to the rare crate. 12 new custom pieces, but you can only get one per month! We’ve even included a Bow and a Sword. Watch for these new pieces in the next week or two. We’re also adding a new crate to the mix, the Crazy Crate. You will only be able to get a key to the Crazy Crate through the Rare Crate. The Crazy Crate will have all 12 of the custom Crazy Tools and Armor. We’re still debating on if we’ll sell a Crazy key or not and what that would look like if we did have it in /buy. We’ll keep you posted on how that changes in the next few weeks!

    /kits will be getting some new kits as well. We’ll be adding a new spawn egg kit with some extra special eggs (including the much coveted slime egg). We’ll also be creating a potion kit to help with brewing and a farm kit. We are also adding creeper heads to the Rainbow Wool kit for you banner makers! This will allow you to make those ultra-cool banners that are hard to make without them! If you have ideas for other kits that you would like to see, please post them on the forums! http://crayonscastle.net/forums/survival-improvements.10/

    The Spring Castle will be brought into the spawn area this weekend. Come visit the Snowy Christmas castle one last time. Hopefully we’ll have the new spawn in place Saturday morning.

    We’ve got a few other ideas that we’re still kicking around in regards to Survival so stay tuned!


    – With oregen having had the issues that it did, we’ve decided that a complete reset of Skyblock will need to happen. With the reset, you’ll be getting some new cool features, such as furniture and particle hats. We’ve got some other things planned, but we’ll wait to announce those as we get closer to the reset! Stay tuned!
    New Server
    KitPvP is coming! With it are all new custom kits created by the mad genius Management Team. I’m in love with these kits already and can’t wait to see what other kits we’ll be creating in the weeks and months to come. I am hoping that we will start Beta testing KitPvP within the next week. We’ve got the map in place, the kits created, now to check on a few bugs and we should be good to go soon! Watch the announcements closely, because I’ll give you 24 hours-notice of when the Beta will go live!

    Staff Apps!
    Staff apps open March 5th! We’re looking for the best and the most dedicated to come join our staff! You have until Thursday, March 8th to apply! http://crayonscastle.net/forums/staff-applications.34/

    We’re working on getting Creative and Factions back online, so if you see those pop up on the /glist, know that they are in the works. We also got some big plans in the works for the Castle. Stay tuned!

    Thank you so much for you faith and belief in us over the last 8 months that the server has been online. Our one year anniversary is coming up July 6th and we’ve got some great stuff planned for the month of July to help celebrate!

    <3 Crayon

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