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News Survival Update!

Discussion in 'The Daily Herald' started by Crayonbox, Mar 29, 2018.

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    Jul 8, 2017
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    Survival Update

    We’ve added some new features to Survival to give you a better overall playing experience. One of the biggest changes is the addition of the Dice Furniture plugin. There are over 20 pieces of interactive furniture that can be built and used on the server. Here is a complete list with recipes of the furniture that is available https://dicecraft.de/furniture/ . Some of the furniture pieces might not work yet, as this is a new plugin for all of us and we’re still learning how to use it as well.

    We’ve also added particle hats for 8 packs and above. These are particles that can be worn as a hat but will appear at different locations based on the type of shape that they form. Here is a complete list of all the particles available https://github.com/MediusEcho/ParticleHatsWiki/wiki/Types

    Added to /buy are /setwarp and /skull. /setwarp will be available to use on Survival and Creative and will have a one week cooldown. /skull will be available on Survival, Creative, and Skyblock, when it re-releases. On Creative, it will have a 2 hour cooldown. On Survival and Skyblock, they will have a 1 day cooldown. They will be available to use through /buy for $10 each.

    Want to be rewarded for playing daily? That’s right, we’re bringing in Daily Loot Boxes. Earn different items just for playing each day.

    You’ve been asking for more crazy stuff, so we’re introducing the Crazy Crate! It will contain all the Crazy tools, armor, and some special items that you’ve been asking for all year long. Otherwise, you’ll get a monthly crazy item in the Rare crate. The Crazy Crate can be accessed one of two ways: 1) win a crazy crate key from the Rare crate (which will be as hard as winning an ocelot spawner), or 2) buy a Crazy Crate key from /buy. Only the person buying the Crazy Crate key will receive the key. This is NOT a server wide key as the items in the Crazy Crate are pretty OP.

    We’ve also heard what you would like in the donor and rare crates. There are still a few diamonds, but nothing like last map. We have added some new items such as emeralds and enchanted books, and some items have been nerfed, such as claim blocks and money. You’ll still get them, just not as much all at once.

    Stay tuned as we finish adding a few more things over the next couple of days. I'll keep you updated, don't worry. <3 Crayon

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